To be 30% busier, don’t book…


“See you next week…” is an expression, which health professionals who are seriously committed to improving their client’s health never say.

Using a ‘generalised’ period of time to determine the next clinical intervention and is a bad habit.

The decision should be made using evidence-based knowledge, client specific clinical findings and any other relevant information.

On the surface it seems like a reasonable and appropriate decision, but it’s far from that. The truth is, it’s actually a detrimental thing to say.

Why would you wait a week if a client’s course of treatment could be adjusted in just a few days, meaning they can:

  • Progress more quickly; or
  • Avoid prolonged pain and dysfunction?

When exercises are prescribed, they should be reviewed within days, to ensure the correct technique is being used to maximise benefit and avoid harm.


“See you next week.”
The truth is, it’s a detrimental thing to say.


Are we secretly afraid our clients will reject our recommendation?

Are we overly concerned about over-servicing?


We are trained health professionals and our job is to deliver professional and ethical advice and treatment.

We CANNOT allow our personal assumptions to affect the delivery of best practice healthcare.

Making the appropriate changes will have positive effects on your practice and your client results.