If you’re like a lot of health professionals running a private practice, you’re probably overworked, underpaid and constantly handling staff issues.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re all alone, but remember what Albert Einstein once famously said:

“ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  • So… what can you do?
  • You can take the first step.
  • In fact… take 5 STEPS.

Having worked with hundreds of health clinics across Australia and internationally, they all agree there are 5 STEPS to follow to improve the operation of your practice. They are:

“If you’re unclear about any of the five principles, you will remain overworked, underpaid and burdened with staff issues.”

Step 1: An easy to run practice has tailored systems, specifically designed for health practices.

Tip: Are you measuring your client’s re-attendance rate?

Step 2: Team mentoring and development creates an easy to manage team who perform their job effectively.

Tip: Do you have regular sessions scheduled for your practitioners and administration staff?

Step 3: Employment methods that have accountability and performance incentives will engage your team and help build a busier practice with a healthier bottom line.

Tip: Are you still paying on percentage? If your answer is ‘yes’, you are losing money.

Step 4: Appropriately priced services and products mean you comfortably cover your costs and maximise your profit margin.

“Now is the time to be fully financially rewarded for your effort and expertise.”

Step 5: Often overlooked, customer service excellence can make or break a health practice. Your customers are your most important asset and doing your best to meet their various expectations is crucial.

Tip: When your clients make their evaluation of your practice, it will be based more on their experience with your front desk staff than on your treatment skills.

Each step is fundamental for having a practice that is easy to run, highly profitable and supported by a great team.

Take the step.