Who wouldn’t like an extra 20K from their business each year?

All it takes is a few simple steps…

To start..

Train your reception staff in the art of converting phone calls into bookings.


When a client rings to cancel, this is an ‘opportunity’, not a ‘loss’ of a consultation. It is an opportunity to make 2 new bookings. One – to re-book the client into a new spot, and: Two – to book another client into the vacant spot

The result..

Let’s say this occurs three times a week over the course of a year, at an average consultation fee of $70. That’s three times $70 over 50 weeks, which equals a staggering…

21,000 dollars!

In reality, this is often at least a daily occurrence, so this figure can be even higher – and that’s not including the revenue lost from the cancellations… or Saturdays…

To finish the job..

Practice, practice, practice. It is important that your reception staff know what to say in every situation during these phone conversations and just as importantly, how to say it.

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