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To be 30% busier, don’t book…

To be 30% busier, don't book... weekly. "See you next week..." is an expression, which health professionals who are seriously committed to improving their client's health never say. Using a 'generalised' period of time to determine the next clinical intervention and is a bad habit. The decision should be made using evidence-based knowledge, client specific clinical [...]

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The future of the health industry

The future is potentially a bright one for health professionals. The health industry is in the top five fastest growing sectors in Australia over the next decade. There has never been a better time to make the most of this opportunity. “Only a practice that is healthy itself is capable of providing the best healthcare to more people.” [...]

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The top 7 tips for attracting new practitioner staff

Finding new staff is as difficult as it’s ever been. Here are some strategies, tips and tricks to help you with the process. 1. Make sure your practice is a place where someone wants to work  From the presentation of the practice, the CPD you have one offer, a mentoring plan, pay rates, bonus [...]

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The 5 STEPS to practice success

If you’re like a lot of health professionals running a private practice, you’re probably overworked, underpaid and constantly handling staff issues. Sometimes it can feel like you’re all alone, but remember what Albert Einstein once famously said: “ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” [...]

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How your reception staff can add 20K to your bottom line

Who wouldn't like an extra 20K from their business each year? All it takes is a few simple steps... To start.. Train your reception staff in the art of converting phone calls into bookings. Why.. When a client rings to cancel, this is an 'opportunity', not a 'loss' of a consultation. It is an opportunity [...]

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Are you charging what you’re worth?

If you’re like most health professionals, your rates are based on what they’ve been historically or you have ‘anonymously’ called the other clinics in your area and chosen a similar rate. When a member of the public makes the decision to see a qualified health professional for a particular condition, they expect certain things. They [...]

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Are you losing referrals from GP’s simply by the way you communicate?

Physiotherapist turned medical student Christopher Haywood recently shared what he learned about communication between physiotherapists and GP’s. He noted that communication between physiotherapists and GP's can be a common problem, yet appropriate communication provides an opportunity to ensure the highest quality patient care. He interviewed seven GP’s and seven physiotherapists from Australian metropolitan and regional [...]

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Front desk & reception

Your front desk staff are critical to the success of your business. They provide over 50% of what the patient experiences at your clinic. They are responsible for greeting the clients and setting the tone of the interaction by their manner and appearance. They are a critical part of converting calls and enquiries to bookings, [...]

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The maths of working ‘on’ the business

We’ve all heard the importance of working on the business. Here is some maths to back it up. Take, for example, a therapist who is working 40 hours a week at 70% efficiency, seeing 84 patients. They can: 1)  Condense their consulting hours so that they see the same number of clients in 30 hours. Their [...]

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Is Pilates working for you?

Recent changes to Pilates funding means it is more important than ever to have the right procedures in place for your work involving Pilates. As you may be aware, some private health providers have recently made a shift towards ceasing to continue to pay benefits for Pilates and Classes. In order to combat this and still [...]

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